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"Creative minds have always been known to survive any kind of bad training" - Anna Freud

Sometimes bad training happens.  When it does, it's best to find the right tools to correct the training before it gets worse.

Introducing Bright Eyedias Technical Drafting Support Packages

Platinum: 30 support tickets per month - $799.99/month or $9,599.98/year. Paid annually - $7999.99.

Gold: Up to 10 support tickets per month- $299.99/month. $3,599.88/year. Paid annually - $2,999.99

Silver: Up to 5 support tickets per month - $149.99/month. Paid annually $1,799.88. Paid annually - $1499.99

Bronze: Per support ticket - $40/hr

A support ticket: Refers to a 1 hour one on one support session handled by either a phone call, one on one meeting, or an online support session. Support tickets can be combined into multiple hour sessions.

Offered Online Sessions


Customer Service Skills

Beginner Photoshop

Paying by the course session is $120 a session. If you pay for the course up front, the cost is reduced to $320. Open sessions are $80.

In order to attend an open session, intermediate, or advanced course, you must have experience in Revit. Class participants can attend the Open sessions for free. All class participants also get a free platinum support subscription for the month they attend class. Any other request handled outside of these definitions are on a case by case basis.

Location: 230 Northland Blvd, Suite 106, Cincinnati, Ohio 45246.

Any questions: Please contact us at (513) 486-6011 or shoot us an email at


You must fill out a registration form for each course and each participant. 




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